The Caretaker Version 1.2 Released

I’ve just released version 1.2 of my Virtual Reality experience, The Caretaker; which sees you taking on the role of the new caretaker at an isolated hotel in the depths of winter. Inspired by The Shining, this experience was featured in The Independent and has racked up over 2000 downloads on Oculus share. I hope to expand the experience significantly in future!

This release builds on version 1.1 which added many audio and control improvements. 1.2 focuses on improved performance on lower end systems, some tweaks to presentation and bug fixes.

If you’ve not had a go yet – or you’d like to experience this more polished version, head over here and download directly from this website.


The Caretaker VR Experience – Update 1.1

I’ve just released an update for my VR release – The Caretaker, a VR experience inspired by The Shining, following feedback from users. It’s currently being validated by the Oculus team, but temporary download links can be found here. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to check it out; I’ve been so pleased to see the positive reaction. Download the latest version of The Caretaker here, or read on for the change list.

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Franbo VR Christmas Card

Happy Holidays! Hope you’re all having a spectacular holiday season – to get in the mood just before the big day, here’s a tiny VR Christmas card for you to have a wander around in. Take in the sights of the Aurora Borealis, Mrs Miggins’ infamous Pie Shoppe (the Victorian version of Greggs), listen in on the musings of Mr Carmack, the rosy cheeked village pub raconteur, and peek under the Christmas tree to see if there’s something waiting there for you.


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