Franbo VR Christmas Card

Happy Holidays! Hope you’re all having a spectacular holiday season – to get in the mood just before the big day, here’s a tiny VR Christmas card for you to have a wander around in. Take in the sights of the Aurora Borealis, Mrs Miggins’ infamous Pie Shoppe (the Victorian version of Greggs), listen in on the musings of Mr Carmack, the rosy cheeked village pub raconteur, and peek under the Christmas tree to see if there’s something waiting there for you.


I started this project toward the end of 2014, back when I was new to the world of VR development; but would have kicked myself had I not released it this year. As such, please forgive the roughness around the edges – and the brevity.
If you’d like to take a look at something more polished (but still seasonal – there’s snow and a rising sense of foreboding), check out my spooky experience “The Caretaker”, which I recently released for the DK2, inspired ‘The Shining’. It’s available on Oculus Share for download.

Have fun!

Download your VR Christmas Card (702MB):


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