Killer Robot Party

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Thank you for taking the time to check out Killer Robot Party. It’s a first-person action game in development for VR and is being built using the HTC Vive. Oculus Rift support will be introduced when Touch is available.

Below you’ll find an introduction to the game, in-game footage, environmental art and information about how you can play the game.

The Game

It’s the day of the Queen’s Birthday party, an occasion which is marked by feasting, fairground rides, games of skill and heroic acts of drunkenness.

Reports have come in of a battalion of Killer Robots sweeping across the Queendom. Some idiot posted the party flyer on social media last week – they must have got wind of it! They’re mean, they’re heavily armed – and they make for awful party guests!

It’s your job to stop them in their tracks before they make it into the castle. For every Robot killed – you’ll receive a bounty, which you can either spend on bigger and better weaponry, or fritter away on the fairground rides, exotic foods, and games of chance inside the castle.

Set traps, explosives, and wield your trusty bow and arrow to defeat the robots. You may even get a chance to meet the Queen if you do a good enough job! You simply must meet her. She is quite literally a DONUT.


The Demo


A fully playable demo is available for Killer Robot Party, but as it’s in an early phase of development, it’s not on general release (for now it’s just for interested publishers and media). Sorry! If you would like to play – great! Get in touch via my contact form here.

Overview PDF

I’ve also put together a short overview document (PDF) which you can download here:



  • HTC Vive
  • NVidia GTX680+
  • Windows
  • Hands

The demo represents a small slice of game-play, and is in an early stage of development. The inside of the castle is not yet in-game, an area full of party guests, fairground rides and places to spend your hard-earned cash. In addition, there’s a lot of enemy variety I’d like to include – mages, laser weapon robots and larger enemies.



I’m available via my contact form here, via email –, and I’m active on Twitter under the name franbo_vr. Direct messages are welcome!